Cairo (Al-Qahirah) is the capital and largest city of Egypt (214 km, population 23 million permanent residents.) There is no accurate data on the population of Cairo.

The reason for this are e.g. constant migration of residents. It is estimated that a thousand new residents come here every day. Over 2 million people live in the so-called "The City of the Dead."

The towering minarets dominate the entire city, and the oldest and most beautiful are in the heart of Islamic Cairo. Mosques are built close to each other so that every Muslim is always within the reach of prayers from the minarets. This is the largest center of the Islamic world.

The oldest part is Old Cairo - full of Roman and early Christian monuments. The most wonderful is the Muslim Cairo with numerous mosques, minarets and ancient buildings, pyramids and the Sphinx.


After arriving, we start sightseeing. We will go to the National Egyptian Museum, where we will have the opportunity to see the collection of over 120,000 exhibits showing the magnificent civilization of ancient Egypt, the treasures of Tutankhamen (gold mask, jewelry and utility items). Entrance to the Hall of Mummy's additionally pay 200LE.

After leaving the Museum, it is worth taking a cruise on the Nile by Felucca - a traditional Egyptian sailing boat (additionally payed 10 $).

Then lunch in the restaurant on the Nile in the form of a buffet (drinks additionally payable).

The next stage of our trip will be the Ancient Cairo, or Giza with the magnificent pyramids of Cheops, Chefren and Mykerinos and the majestic Sfinks (entrance to the Cheops pyramid, extra payable 200LE / person).

At the very end, we will also join the perfumery, where the fragrances are prepared from natural essential oils and the Papyrus Institute, where we will look at the papyrus production process.

Attention !: The price is valid for tourists from Hurghada. Tourists from Makady Bay / Soma Bay / Safaga. the price is $ 40 per adult, $ 20 for children.

Proszę zabrać: paszporty z wizą egipska, wygodne obuwie, ciepłe ubranie.

Please bring: passports with Egyptian visa, comfortable footwear, warm clothes.

Private Cairo
Organized for groups of 6 people
Opportunity to visit

Djoser pyramid, stepped pyramid and its entire complex in Saqqara. Snofru pyramids, the Broken Pyramid and the Red Pyramid in Dahshur.

Islamic Museum: the most interesting Islamic exhibits.

The Coptic Museum: we visit and watch the oldest and most beautiful exhibits from Coptic time in Egypt.

Cairo Tower: the highest tower in Egypt. Panorama of the entire Cairo, Nile, pyramids Saladin Citadel: Opportunity to visit the mosque of Muhammad Ali and its palaces.

Old Cairo: a very rich tourist offer. Opportunity to visit: the Amra abn Al aas mosque - the oldest mosque in Egypt, the oldest churches in Egypt - the Church of Santa Barbara, the Church of St. Abu Aerga, Hanging Church, Saint. Mina Church, Church of St. George Romanian Orthodox. In addition, the Sultan Hassan Mosque and School, the Rifai Mosque and the Ben Ezra Synagogue.

Price per person:

43 $


air-conditioned minibus