Dandara + Abydos

(one-day trip)

Private tour

We adjust the date of the trip to the needs of our clients!


In the early morning, around 5:00, departure from Hurghada towards Dandara.

20-minute stop in the Atbaj mountains.

Getting to Dendera around 11:00.

The program includes visit to the temple complex. An opportunity to admire the temple of Hathor, Isis, Mammisi, Nektanebo, Nero and the wonderful colorful hypostyl room.

Temple of the goddess Hathor is the best preserved temple. It is famous for the Zodiac of Dendera, temples of Isis, Mammisi Nektanebo, Nero and an amazing colorful hypostyle hall with Hatorite capitals.

Then drive to Abydos, where a visit to the cemetery is planned, where the grave of King Scorpion was discovered along with the well-preserved hieroglyphic writing.

The plan also includes a visit to the Temple, which was devoted to 7 goddesses, e.g. Osiris, Horus, Isis.

This tour is very rich in information about the history and rulers of ancient Egypt! Return to Hurghada.

The price includes: transport, lunch without drinks, entrance to the temple, the tour guide.

Please take: passports, comfortable footwear and headgear.

Price :

60 $ adult, children 30 $

The minimum number of participants:

6 people