Crazy ride on quads deep into the desert (about 25km one way) (quads - Bedouin village - camels - Bedouin dinner).

Collection at the hotel, travel by bus to the Quad Center.

Crazy ride on quads deep into the desert (about 25km one way).

During our trip we will stop twice.

During the first stop you will be able to see the mirage with your own eyes. This is a good opportunity to take amazing photos.

The second stop will be an opportunity to see the desert panorama (entrance to the top, admire the panorama, unforgettable and super fun).

Further driving will be directed to the Bedouin village. There will be a famous Bedouin tea waiting for us. The guide will tell you about the Bedouins life, their culture, customs and religion.

Then our guide will present you a house in which carpets, hand-dug wells are made. We will visit the mosque as well.
We will also look at how Bedouin bread is made (of course by bedouin).
After tasting a fresh bread, a camel ride awaits us.
There will also be time to admire the sunset.
Then dinner in the form of a buffet (+ fruit + soda drink).
At the very end - a nice concert of "Bedouin folklore".
Return on the quads, and then bus to the hotel.
Please take: a passport, light clothing and comfortable footwear, scarves, glasses.

Quad single 28 $ / Quad double: 38 $


Saturday and Monday

Departure :