One of the best and most interesting desert trips. An unforgettable trip that will stay in your memory for a long time !!! jeep safari - quads - Bedouin village - camels - small zoo - buggy - Bedouin dinner - concert.

Meeting at the hotel. Transfer by jeeps to the Center Quad, a 40-minute quad ride.

Then one hour exciting drive by jeeps.

During our trip we will stop twice.

During the first stop you will be able to see the mirage in front of your eyes. This is a good opportunity to take amazing photos.

The second stop will be an opportunity to see the desert panorama (entrance to the top, admire the panorama, unforgettable and super fun).

Further driving will be directed to the Bedouin village. There will be famous Bedouin tea, water and shisha waiting for us.

A guide will tell you about the Bedouins' life, their culture, customs, desert and religion.

Then our guide will present you a house in which carpets, hand-dug wells and mosques are made. We will also look at how Bedouin bread is made (of course by bedouin) and crocks.

After tasting a fresh bread, a camel ride awaits us.

We will see also

• small zoo (including deer, ostrich, goats, rams, donkey, horse) and terrarium for snakes (Indian and Egyptian, pythons, anacondas), as well as lizards, chameleons, scorpions, spiders and crocodiles, and turtles.

• bird house. They live there, among others falcon, eagle, parrots and many, many more.

• house of foxes.

A ride on small buggy cars.

Then we watch the sunset.

After sunset, we eat dinner with romantic light and music.

(dinner in the form of a buffet + fruit + soda drink).

Additionally, there will be desert show. Sensual movements will be presented by belly dancers and the performance of fakir and tanura. During the performances you can drink a Bedouin tea and smoke famous water pipe.

At the end, watching the stars through a telescope.

Return to the hotel by jeep.

Please bring: passport, light clothes, comfortable footwear and a shawl.


$ 25 children Up to five Gratis up to 12 $ 13


Monday and Wednesday

Departure :