Abu Dabbab

Abu Dabbab - Turtle Bay trip for a whole day from Hurghada to Marsa Alam.

Diving on the magnificent beach at the Turtle Bay in Marsa Alam. This city is located about 270 km south of Hurghada.

The bay of Abu Dabbab is called the "turtle house" because you can meet turtles there very often. Lucky people can also see dugongs, also known as sea cows (Dugong dugon - a marine mammal ranked among sirens, the only surviving representative of the family of dugongs).


Departure from Hurghada around 6.00 am. 2.5-3 hours drive to the destination. On the beach you get snorkeling equipment (snorkeling tube, mask, fins). You are relaxing under umbrellas and snorkeling as much as you want to.

In the price of the trip you get lunch and drinks.

Departure from Abu Dabbab around 15.30-16.00.

Return to Hurghada.

The trip takes place when 6 people want to take part in it.


50$ for adults 25$ for child