Dolphin House, or "House of Dolphins" is a place of residence for a huge number of dolphins and also a great place for snorkeling.

With a bit of luck, you have the chance to see these fascinating and extremely intelligent animals. Fun in the water with Dolphin House residents is the most desirable!

Dolphins live freely in their natural environment. This means that they do not live in pools and are not trained by people. Because of it you will have an excellent opportunity to observe their natural and free behavior.

Whether dolphins decide to come to you and play with you happens according to their own will. The chance of meeting these wonderful animals is 90%. You can also meet other inhabitants of the sea world such as sea turtles, beautiful exotic fish, plants and breathtaking coral reefs.

During three stops you have the opportunity to snorkel and explore the underwater world.


1. Pick up from the hotel, transfer by bus to the port, then we get the equipment to snorkeling (mask, tube, fins). We sail to meet the wild dolphins.

2. All-day boat trip combined with snorkeling (three-time stop).

3. First stop in a place enjoying the most beautiful coral reefs, time for snorkeling.

4. The second stop will be an opportunity to marvel at dolphins.

5. The last stage of the trip is Banana boat and Quarta - a fascinating ride with an inflatable banana on the Red Sea.

6. Returning back to Hurghada via Dolphin House.

Please bring: passport, swimwear and towels, sunscreen, headgear, camera.

We offer : a new, large and elegant yacht, a very tasty dinner with drinks and guide care


22$ children Up to 5 Gratis! up to 12 $ 11