Divided into various types such as Diving Intro for Amateurs - PADI Diving Courses (Open water Diver - PADI Rescue Dive Master) In addition, we offer Safari Dive.

Good service and attractive prices at the diving center in Hurghada.

What is worth knowing about Diving in Hurghada?

Hurghada is an international center of water sports such as Windsurfing and fishing in the open sea and swimming in the Red Sea.

In addition, Hurghada is one of the most wonderful places in the world for all kinds of water sports.

Diving in Hurghada is a diving in the underwater garden, where you can meet rare fish and live coral reefs.

For those, who love to dive or for those who would like to try the water sports, Hurghada is one of the best place in the world.

Hurghada is the second most frequent tourist destination for divers.

In the Red Sea you can meet from the smallest water creatures to dolphins and whales, turtles, rays, moray eels, napoleons and most importantly small and large coral reefs.

The sea area in Hurghada is under protection. All dive centers operate in a compatible and environmentally friendly way.

Hurghada also belongs to the base for longer trips for divers, i.e. diving safari (Dive Safari).

The most popular of them include: diving in the Gubal Strait. There are wrecks of ships.

Excursions for those who want to dive are on ships that take us on amazing coral reefs.

Diving tours intro from Hurghada for amateurs. Tours take place daily to the National Marine Park on Giftun Island.

Diving intro or snorkelling straight from the beach in an amazing place located 50 km from Hurghada - Sharm El Naga - the best coral reefs by the beach.

We also offer tours from Hurghada for divers who have experience. Diving then takes place in a cave or canyon, where there are wrecks of ships. There is the possibility of close encounters with amazing living sharks (white shark)

For those who love diving in Egypt there are many different places like (Gota Abu Ramada), which are gardens made of coral reefs and ideal for exploring the underwater world.

Equally interesting is (Dom Muren), which is a very popular place for divers.

Whether you are experienced divers looking for the best location, or new ones planning to try diving for the first time Hurghada has exactly what you are looking for.

The PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the largest diving organization in the world.

PADI was the first to introduce an easy, safe, modular and flexible training system, making diving accessible to a large number of people. Because of high training standards and continuous promotion of diving in the world, PADI has achieved success.

Due to specialized instructors with PADI licenses, you will experience moments that will meet your wildest expectations.

What can you see during the Diving in Hurghada?

Coral reefs the most wonderful aquatic environment on the Earth's surface!

Coral reefs and marine animals and plants play an important role in the marine environment. Few people know that the coral reef is under strict protection - you cannot destroy it.

Coral reefs constitute the richest natural environment of our planet. They contain a large variety of organisms used as food or a shelter for rest and reproduction.

Record in the Red Sea! - about 266 species of coral reefs. In addition, coral reefs are a big advantage of Egypt, and also a plus for water tourism.

Species of corals:

Coral reefs can take many forms. We can divide them into four types :

Barefoot - coral reefs: these are the reefs that grow in the vicinity of the beach, along the coast line and the so-called Barefoot coral.

Barrier Reefs: They grow far from the coast, but in a line parallel to the coastline, sometimes up to several kilometers between the beach and corals.

Coral ring: where corals grow in the shape of a reef ring. The center of the ring is deep and empty.

Atolls: the dominant form of many islands scattered in the central, southern and northern parts of the Red Sea. The corals remaining below the surface of the water grow near the surface of the water creating some kind of islands.

Colorful fish

Fish are inhabiting organisms: in oceans, seas, ponds, lakes, rivers, swamps, tropical waters and even under the ice.

There are over 25,000 different species of fish in the Red Sea.

In the Red Sea, where we dive, a man feels like in an aquarium. It is surrounded by an amazing, beautiful and colorful underwater world. He interacts with many wonderful sea animals.


You do not need to have the right to dive or be an expert in swimming to see the flora and fauna of the Red Sea under the surface of the water.

Our instructor keeps all security measures. We have proven equipment and qualified staff that will train you how to behave underwater.

Two-way descent under water (20 min) to a depth of 5 to 7 m.

We start our trip "Intro Diving" from transporting you from the hotel in Hurghada to the diving center and then to the ship.

Then we will fill in all the necessary documents (people wanting to dive will be questioned about the state of health) then we will take you by boat to 2 of the best diving sites selected from among 14 others.

During the cruise a diving theory training will take place, which will last about 45 minutes. We will discuss the principles of safe intro dive.

We will get diving equipment and we will enter the water, where the most beautiful coral reefs are.

Intro diving will take place under the supervision of an instructor who will constantly be with us underwater.

How much is the intro dive in Hurgada?

- It is possible to book a trip, for a person who does not want to dive intro, but only to snorkel.

• Snorkeling price: $ 15 Children Up to 5 Gratis! Up to 12 $ 8

• Diving price: 30$

• Date: daily

• Departure 8:30

• Return: 17:00

Please bring : passport, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, cap

We offer : a new, large, high-class yacht, experienced instructors speaking Polish, tasty meals and drinks.

2. PADI Diving Course Program - Open Water Diver (PADI OWD)

Price: 250$ Time: daily Departure: 8:30 Return: 17:00

The PADI Diving Course - Open Water Diver lasts 4 days. Transfer, lunch on the days of the course, drinks, equipment, textbook, certificate are included.

The course ends with an exam and receiving the PADI certificate.

Day 1 : Students will learn everything about diving from the instructor.

The instructor trains the students in terms of: safety and behavior under water (language with which divers communicate), training in diver's equipment,

In addition, the students will watch the educational film.

On the first day, the students start diving lessons in the pool. The previously acquired theory will be translated into practice.

Day 2 : Diving takes a depth of 5 to 10 m with an instructor (one on one). The first descent takes place with an instructor who shows us everything again, translates step by step. The second descent is independent, but with the assistance of an instructor.

Day 3 : We dive to a depth of 5 to 10 m with an instructor in the Red Sea. A double descent into the water.

Day 4 : Diving at a depth of 18 m or deeper. A double descent into the water.

Then we approach the PADI exam, which gives us a diver's license.

3. PADI Diving Course Program - Advanced Open Water Diver (PADI AOWD)

Price : 190$ Date : daily Departure : 8:30 Return : 17:00

Diving course PADI AOWD 2 days. Transfer, lunch on the days of the course, drinks, equipment, textbook, certificate are included.

The AOWD Diving course will take place after completing the Padi Open Water Diver diving course.

The diving course consists of 5 dives, two descents to the water are obligatory: deep (up to max. 30 m) Three dives to choose from: where you want to dive by reef or underwater photography, nuzzle among wrecks of ships.

The minimum age is 12 years and the Open Water Diver license

After completing the Advanced course, the participant will have the license to dive to a depth of 30 m.

4. PADI Rescue Diver Hurghada Diving Course

Rescue Diver Rescue Diving Course - Minimum age is 12 years.

You must have the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate in order to be able to start the PADI Rescue Diver Course.

One stop lasting about an hour through the most beautiful coral reefs.

The Rescue Diver diving course includes practical exercises and theoretical classes.

The Diving course consists of 10 exercises showing different forms of accidents in the open sea, from simple help in the water to complicated rescue, such as the extraction of a diver to the surface or artificial breathing in water.

During this Course we will learn accident scenarios during the dive.

To learn more about the PADI Rescue Diver Diving Course , write to us , and you will get a Promotional Price!

5. PADI Dive Master Hurghada Diving Course

The Divemaster diving course is available to people over 18 years of age. You must have a Padi Rescue Diver diving certificate and 40 logged dives to start the DiveMaster Dive Course.

During the diving course you will learn the theory of diving, learn techniques for training future divers, master perfectly dive presentations.

After the course, you will be able to assist PADI instructor training and run Discover Local Diving, Skin Diver, Scuba Review training programs.

This will be the first step to become a PADI dive instructor. The Divemaster PADI dive program is based on meeting the requirements listed above.

To find out more information about the PADI Dive Master Diving Course, write to us and you will receive a Promotional Price!

Diving in Egypt from what age?

You can dive people from 10 to 12 years old, however, it is important to build our baby's body and good health, considering that the diver's bottle is relatively heavy.

To receive the PADI Junior certificate, a child should be 10-14 years old PADI Junior OWD certificate - parental consent is required)

Please bring : passport, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, cap

We offer : a new, large, high-class yacht, experienced instructors speaking Polish, tasty meals and drinks.


The first dive can be started at least 24 hours after landing in Egypt, the last dive at the latest 24 hours before departure to Poland.

Below are some absolute contraindications that prevent diving.

They concern people:

having pressure problems,

suffering from asthma,

6. Diving in Egypt for divers - Safari Dive

In the deep south and north of the Red Sea there are St..Johns reefs,

Big Habili and Small Habili, Brother Islands - Daedalus - Elphinstone, Strait of Tiran and many other safari sites.

The high standard of our boats means a lot to us all.

To find out more about Safari Dive, write us the date and Where you want to take your Dive Safari (north / south).

We will answer in detail every question about the Dive Safari trip along with promotional prices.

-If you spend your holidays in Hurghada you must go on a trip to the island Giftun from Hurghada!

We recommend a trip to the Dolphin House from Hurghada, it is a great place to snorkel and a house for a huge number of dolphins.

With luck, we will have the chance to see these fascinating and extremely intelligent animals. Having fun in the water with the inhabitants of the Dolphin house is most desirable!

We recommend !!!

A trip to Sharm El Naga from Hurghada

Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Sharm El Naga, a playground for marine life in all colors, shapes and sizes. The best opportunity to spend a crazy day in the Red Sea !!

We also recommend a trip to Utopia Island in Safaga :

One of the most famous islands in the Red Sea.

A beautiful island with a natural coral reef.

The perfect place to swim and snorkel in the blue of the Red Sea.


snorkeling : 15$ Children Up to 5 Gratis! Up to 12 $ 8 diving : 30 $