Because we did not find another name that would describe so much happiness and joy that we saw on the faces of our clients.

This trip is a dream come true for people who love the beauty of nature and romantic aura. Because of it you will forget about the world around you and spend an amazing day that will remain for a long, long time.

The tour itself is amazing, it is hard to describe by words.


1. A collection at the hotel, we are going by bus to the port.

2. A large yacht for 36 people (but we will take maximum 10 people to the yacht)

3. We sail in the most interesting places of the Red Sea.

4. During the cruise, admire the wonderful sunset, which is special while being on the high seas. The rays reflected in the water harmonize with the colors of the sky, a view from a fairy tale.

5. After sunset, fishing from the boat, and then we go to meet the adventure.

6. Dinner in the form of a barbecue.

In addition, a romantic dinner in the middle of the sea with the music chosen by our clients.

The second stop - fishing from the boat. An experienced captain will show us the best place to do fishing.

In the evening a disco under the stars, on the high seas.

We adapt to the needs of our clients, which is why it is possible to continue the trip until sunrise.

We offer : a new, large yacht, fishing equipment, tasty food + drinks, care of a Polish-speaking guide.

Please take: passports, sweatshirts, camera.








24:00 or more