Giftun Island - Paradise Island

If you spend your holidays in Hurghada, you must go on a cruise to the Giftun Island We guarantee unforgettable views, azure water and a beautiful beach.

Giftun Island – Worth seeing : Islands: Giftun Island. Hurghada - Mahmya Island. Egypt - Paradise Island. And Orange Island, all of these islands are one Giftun Island with separate beaches, where you will find golden-white sand and crystal clear water, a real paradise on earth.

Amazing experience!

It does not matter what island you are going to. Whether it will be Mahmaya Island, Paradise Island or Orange Island, you will find a lot of different, colored fish and the coral reefs!

Wonderful places like Giftun or Paradise islands are like from a postcard, there are no words to describe the beauty of these islands, their azure waters, white sand. These Islands are brilliant places to relax, where you can snorkel or relax in fabulously blue water.

Giftun Island in Egypt - is the first nature reserve in the Red Sea and is one of the most important habitats of seagulls, where about 50% of the world seagulls live. In addition, the Giftun Island is inhabited by large numbers of birds and reptiles.

The beach on Giftun island, also known as Paradise Island is a must to visit during your stay in Hurghada.

The Red Sea Islands can be divided into: peripheral islands with the attributes of islands forming the bottom of the ocean at great depths.

The second type of islands has coastal islands that are located near the west coast, such as the island of Safaga (Utopia Island) , Giftun or Shadwan.

On the island, you can treat yourself with a bit of luxury. Tourists can laze under one of the palm umbrellas spread along the coast.

This island is characterized by beautiful coral reefs.

Most of the Diving enthusiasts choose Giftun Island Island as a destination. A trip to the Giftun Island begins in the morning. Trips to Paradise Island , are organized together with snorkeling / diving on nearby reefs in the open sea. For once in a lifetime, it is worth seeing such unforgettable views while staying on one of the paradise beaches.

During the cruise on a ship, the ship stops twice at the reefs, thus allowing tourists to look closely at the beauty of the underwater world of the Red Sea.

Giftun island offers 14 available diving / snorkeling spots on the African side of Egypt. We will take you to two most beautiful places, enjoying breathtaking views.

We have in mind your comfort, therefore during the cruise we provide a Polish-speaking guide and a local Polish guide.

How is it different: Giftun Island Hurghada - Mahmaya Island Egypt - Paradise Island Hurghada (Paradise Island) and Orange Island?

All these islands combine the madness of the Red Sea, exploring the underwater world with coral reefs and all kinds of fish, but each of the islands is different from the other.

The price between the private beach and each optional trip from Giftun Island , is different to you, but we recommend the original Giftun Island, which offers azure water as well as colorful fish among the depths of the Red Sea.

1. Giftun Island Hurghada:

There is a wonderful beach on the island, such as on the island of Mahmaya or Paradise. Cruise, then lunch on the ship, during the cruise, 2 stops on the open sea for snorkeling / diving among coral reefs. Then we spend an hour and a half on the beautiful azure water, white sand relaxing and sunbathing.

Prices Tours to Giftun Island from Hurghada and dates:

Snorkeling price: $ 15 Children Up to 5 Gratis! Up to 12 $ 8 Diving Price: 30 $

Time: daily Departure: 8:30 Return: 17:00


If you spend your holidays in Hurghada you must go on a cruise to Giftun Island! We guarantee unforgettable views, azure water and a beautiful beach. While traveling to the island you can meet dolphins, many different fish, magical coral reefs, and also lots of heat and sunshine!!

1. Once you get there, you get snorkeling gear (tube, mask, fins) or diving equipment.

2. We will dive / snorkel in two places. We will choose places with the most beautiful coral reefs and the largest number of fish.

3. Then we will have a dinner served in the form of a Swedish table.

4. After lunch, we change to a small boat and sail to the island of Giftun and spend an hour and a half on Giftun Island.

5. The island is also called Paradise Island because of its sandy beaches and crystal-clear water.

6. Return to the hotel.

The price includes: everything in the price (snorkeling equipment / diving / lunch / drinks / transport from the hotel to the port and from the port to the hotel / boat ride)

The price does not include: photos that will be taken during the trip by the photographer

We encourage you to experience an underwater adventure

Diving in Hurghada

• You do not need to be allowed to dive or be a super swimmer to see the flora and fauna of the Red Sea beneath the surface of the water;

• Our Instructor keeps all security measures. We have professional and proven equipment and qualified staff that will train us how to behave underwater.

• 2 times descending underwater with a bottle (after 20 min) at a depth of 5 to 7 meters

We will be happy to take you on a comfortable boat cruise to interesting, full of charming places specially prepared for diving in Hurghada on Giftun Island.

We will show you an incredible underwater world, Diving in Hurghada will let you discover how nemo, octocactus, jellyfish, turtles, dolphins, moray eels live and many other equally interesting fish.

Note : when we dive, we do not spend free time on Giftun Island, but we spend the whole trip on a ship and dive among the reefs that are located near Giftun Island.

Discover with us the most beautiful coral reefs and mysterious sunken shipwrecks and everything that the Red Sea has to offer in its richness of tourist and natural attractions. Open Water Dive (OWD) or Advanced Open water Diver course (AOWD) plus you will receive a Padi. dive license.

Please bring with you: passport, swimsuit, towel, sunscreen, headgear, camera!

• We offer: a new, large and elegant yacht and a very tasty dinner with drinks.


The first dive can be started at least 24 hours after landing in Egypt, the last dive at the latest 24 hours before departure to Poland.

Below are a few contraindications that prevent diving. They concern people:

• having pressure problems,

• suffering from asthma,

• pregnant women.

2. Paradise Island (Paradise Island):

Boat trip to Giftun Island and stay on a private beach on the Paradise Island in Hurghada (restaurant, toilets, umbrellas, private beach)

Program of a trip to Paradise Island : a boat trip to Rajska Island, then we snorkel in one or two places, each in about 45 minutes through wonderful coral reefs. We spend about 2.5 hours on Giftun Island (Paradise Island) lunch is provided on the beach + umbrellas.

Price of a trip to the island of Paradise from Hurghada : 35 $ from an adult, Children up to 5 Gratis! Up to 12 $ 18, the entire program presented above (in addition to photos taken during the trip by the photographer)

The date of the trip to the island paradise : Every day

3. Mahmaya Island Egypt:

A beautiful paradise island with a few beaches. Mahmaya paradise beach (restaurant, beach umbrellas, toilet) time on the island: about 4 hours on the island Giftun (Mahmaya) dinner will be served on the beach (under umbrellas)

Program of a trip to Mahmaya Island from Hurghada : we spend more time on the island, additional options with umbrellas will be provided, while in the Red Sea we will stop at one beautiful place to be able to watch coral reefs.

One stop will last about an hour through the most beautiful coral reefs.

The price of a trip to Mahmaya Island to get an attractive price Write to us! All attractions are included in the price (except for photos taken during the trip).

We recommend a trip to the Dolphin House from Hurghada is a great snorkelling place and home for a huge number of dolphins.

With luck, we will have the chance to see these fascinating and extremely intelligent animals. Playing in the water with the inhabitants of the Dolphin House is the most desirable experience!

We also invite you to the trip to Sharm El Naga from Hurghada : Snorkeling in the crystal clear waters of Sharm El Naga, a playground for marine life in all colors, shapes and sizes. The best opportunity to spend the whole day on the Red Sea frenzy !!

We highly recommend it A trip to Utopia Island in Safaga : One of the most famous islands in the Red Sea. A beautiful island with a natural coral reef. Perfect place for snorkeling and swimming.


Snorklingu : 20$ Children Up to 5 Gratis! Up to 12 $ 10 Diving : 30 $