Deep-sea diving "Intro" for beginners

Scuba diving intro is for people who have never dived before.

The diving instructor is always with you, you come together under water and emerge from it. Your only task is to breathe and move the fins underwater. Diving does not require you to swim! However, your health is important. People with upper airway problems, asthmatics, pregnant women or those with ear problems should not dive.

The diving intro is safe. Everyone can dive, including children from 10 years of age.

We have two diving options to choose from.

Diving from the beach

the trip starts around 14.00

transfer to one of the beaches

instruction in English

one descent into the water with an instructor

diving time - 30 minutes

Return of the hotel around 17.00

drinks included in the price of the trip

Price: 55 $ diving person, 35 $ accompanying non-stop person.

Diving from a boat

1.start the trip around 8.30 in the morning

2.transfer from the hotel to the port to first place of diving - during instruction (in Polish and English)

4.two descents to the water with an instructor about 20 minutes each

5.return to the hotel at 17.30

During the cruise, lunch and drinks are served

Price: $ 80 person diving, $ 45 non-free accompanying person