A trip to Mount Moses is called the Sinai Mountain (2285 m above sea level) interchangeably. It is an amazing trip to a place traditionally identified with the biblical mountain Horeb, where Moses received the Ten Commandments and made a covenant with God. At the foot of the highest peak of the Sinai Peninsula is the Monastery of Saint. Catherine-it rises to a height of 2629 m above sea level. and is the highest peak of Egypt and Sinai. Here is the Burning Bush and Well of Moses. It is the oldest in Egypt, never destroyed and continuously operating since the sixth century monastery. At the top leads the camel path running smoothly - the last 700 stone stairs were carved out of hand - these are the Penitential Stairs and once they were overcome barefoot.


1. a trip to the top of the Moses Mountain (about 3 hours) Admiring the amazing, breathtaking sunrise;

2. after leaving the mountain (about 2.5 hours) a break for breakfast in a cafe near the monastery (packed lunch from the hotel);

3. a visit to the Holy Monastery Catherine (Well of Moses, Burning Bush, Basilica of the Transfiguration);

4. return to the hotel in Sharm El Sheikh.

The price does not include : breakfast and drinks.

Please take : passports, warm clothes, comfortable footwear, packed lunch.

It should be remembered : there is an appropriate dress covering the arms and knees in Holy places - it applies to women, men and children. You do not need a visa for this trip. All you need is a free visa (stamp) issued at the airport in Sharm El Sheikh Only Synai.

Price :

30 $ adult, children 15 $


Saturday, Wednesday


Around 20:00


around 13:30 (next day)