Tiran Island located at the entrance of the Tiran Straits, which separates the Red Sea from the Gulf of Aqaba. It has an area of about 80 km2. This is of strategic importance in the field, as it is the narrowest part of the Tiran Strait, which is important, it links the passage to the main ports of Aqaba in Jordan and Eilat in Israel.

The island is currently the only one inhabited by military personnel from Egypt and MFO (MFO), although it was inhabited for many centuries.

Discovering the underwater world is one of the most popular attractions for tourists on the beach. Many tourists in Sharm el Sheikh are more and more interested in diving or snorkeling and discovering countless coral reefs and fish.

Be it from their hotels to snorkeling reef shores or trips to the most beautiful coral reef places near Sharm el Sheikh, such as Ras Mohammed, Tiran Island and other local snorkeling locations to enter the world full of life and colors.

The reefs of the islands of Tiran and Ras Mohammed are known as the two best diving sites in the world. They can be visited by boat from Sharm el Sheikh to one-day trips, spend a day on the boat, enjoying a pleasant cruise on the ship and a unique colorful underwater world through three diving stops at various snorkeling spots, which includes a delicious open buffet dinner and non-alcoholic beverages during the day.

A diving trip may contain one or two introductory dives together with a professional diving instructor. Incredible!


Being in Sharm El Sheikh you can not forget about a tourist attraction like a cruise to the Island of Tiran!

We guarantee unforgettable views, azure water and a beautiful beach. While traveling to the island you can meet dolphins, many different fish, magical coral reefs, and also lots of heat and sunshine !!

1. Arrival at the port, entering the ship.

2. Dive / snorkel in places enjoying the most beautiful corals.

3. After the second stop for diving, there will be a buffet dinner.

4. Then, after the meal, we continue our underwater adventure diving among a multitude of colorful fish and coral reefs.

We encourage you to experience the water adventure.

You do not need to have a diver's permission or be a super swimmer to see the flora and fauna of the Red Sea from under the surface of the water.

Our Instructor keeps all security measures. We have proven equipment and qualified staff that will train us how to behave underwater in Polish.

One or two two descents under water with a tank, (after 20 min) to a depth of 5 to 7 m

Please bring : passport, swimwear and towels, sunscreen, headgear, camera, snorkelling equipment.

We offer : a new, large and elegant yacht, and a very tasty dinner with drinks.

We recommend a trip to Ras Mohammad from Sharm El Sheikh is a great place to Snorkeling / Diving Intro, the best opportunity to spend the whole day on the madness in the Red Sea !!

The price of snorkling :

20$ adult child up to 5 years free children aged 6 - 12 years 10 $

Price of diving :

one 25 $ descent, two $ 35 bankings